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Google’s one-way mirror

Author: Daniël Verhoeven The main Google paradox One way to define contextual information search would be intelligent search. In this article we explore one of the origins of human intelligence: mirror neurons. As to prominent linguists like Arbib  and Lakoff … Continue reading

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a common ground for search in real life and search using computers

permalink Googling has become a verb in our language. This shows the deep impact of Google on our culture and our lives. But Google is not primarily about searching. Google is an information shovel selling adds. In a previous article … Continue reading

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E-reputation toolkit: Social Web Metasearch

First Pubished at 2bloggen The Socal Web is fantastic if it is built on top of social relations in the real world. Somebody discribed it ironically: “Twitter is for the friends you want to have while Facebook is for the … Continue reading

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